Spring at Fallengründ Alpacas!

Good morning from Fallengründ Alpacas in Butler, Illinois! First light has broken out here on the farm and has eased this Spring’s heartbreak a bit.

We are very saddened to announce that our beautiful 6 month old cria, Fallengründ’s Bridget of Zamboni passed away on May 6, 2013 unexpectedly. She was the offspring of Stone Bluff’s Athena of Adrenlin and Zamboni.

We began feeling the distance at this time and began discussing what we might be able to do in order to get our herd a bit closer to us here in Illinois. Thanks to Bart and Rhonda Leinberger of Indian Point Hills Alpacas in Petersburg, Illinois, we moved our herd on Father’s Day. Michael, Allie and I are happy to have them closer to us now!

Spring has been rough on our plans out here on the farm. The much needed rain following last year’s drought has thrown a huge monkey wrench in our barn raising! The excavator was uncomfortable about bringing in the heavy equipment on wet, soggy ground. Our lane won’t support the weight so they devised a “path” to come in from the side road. We would get 2 dry days and then rain for 3…the ground never really dried out. BUT, we got word a couple of days ago that he will be here on Tuesday or Wednesday to level the ground for the barn and paddock. YAY!

After the ground is level, a one day job, our fencing guy, Jason, will come out and drill the post holes for the barn supports. Excavator Mike will come back, put down the chat and we will begin our barn building. Jason will begin drilling the post holes for the 3 acres of paddock, and pastures.

To add to all of this great activity we are expecting to pick up our two Great Pyrenees guard puppies, who will be our livestock guardians and we continue with the activities surrounding our youngest daughter, Maureen upcoming wedding.

Allie is off to Canada to visit her boyfriend who lives in an area that is being ravaged by floods this year. She will hopefully be back in time to build the barn!

Our two pregnant girls, Reina and Athena are filling out nicely and look healthy. I am anxious for Reina to give birth because she is a terrible “mean” girl now. She has been bred to a True Black male, and previously gave birth to a beautiful maroon boy, I am hoping she throws this same color with our cria. We are hoping for a white cria from Athena’s breeding.

We acquired a little white girl from Stone Bluff Farm and have decided to add a black girl to our females from Irish Meadows. Stay tuned for more information on these two girls.

Watch where you step!



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My husband and I are Baby Boomers who live in Central Illinois. We are embarking on a new adventure with one of our kids, Alexis and our Grandchildren, Pete and Maddie. After falling in love with alpacas, we purchased three, two adult females (one is pregnant) and a 2 month old male. This is our story.
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