Our First National Alpaca Open Barn-2013

Well, we are official now, Fallengründ Alpacas is now legitimate in the Butler, Hillsboro, Litchfield, and Raymond, Illinois area. Our first National Alpaca Open Barn event is behind us and we had about 50 guests come to visit us!!

The day before our official opening, our farm was visited by 3 educators from Springfield’s sister city in Japan. A Principle, a member from the Board of Education and an English teacher. We learned that during a school year in the middle school there, they do a segment in Social Studies on agriculture around the world and they will be watching our barn cam. It will be nighttime there but they will still be able to see our alpacas and our Great Pyrenees Guard Dogs.

All of our kids helped us out this weekend make the 2 days a success for us! Elizabeth (our oldest) threw herself into making soaps, body butters, sugar scrubs and lotions to sell. Jacob (our son, second to the youngest) brought his loom out and displayed his “samples”, which are gorgeous table runners and very worthy of being sold (which he did), Maureen (our youngest) and her new husband, John, ran our Concession Stand selling hot dogs, chips, soda, water and Allie’s cupcakes!! And Allie, (our second from the oldest), who is are Farm Manager, did the tours.  We also had Paula Mattingly selling her jewelry on Saturday, a must see at our next event!

Our 4 youngest Grandchildren, Pete, Frankie, Maddie and Alex guided people toward our barn, took the small children to the “activity area” for coloring activities, and talked up the cupcakes!! (Under the supervision of Elizabeth’s husband, Paul). Our oldest Grandson, Tony, ran all the errands, put up signs, and was our “GOFER” all day.

The barn darling was Zorro! All the cuteness, sweetness and fiber rolled into one small midget alpaca. Chocolate Mousse and Ace, two veteran  members of our show string were our seasoned stars who came out and met people along with Mr Adorable, Zorro. We decided to keep Hope in the paddock as she isn’t quite ready to be paraded in front of crowds.

We have realized where we need improvement and how to go about getting where we want to be. The best of learning experiences, and we all made some money. LOL! We had fun once the weekend began and just rolled with it. Pictures will be also coming!

Thank you friends who follow us on here and check in with our webcam, our updates on our pregnant dams and our upcoming births. (Check in soon on my upcoming blog posts about our babies due).


About Lynne

My husband and I are Baby Boomers who live in Central Illinois. We are embarking on a new adventure with one of our kids, Alexis and our Grandchildren, Pete and Maddie. After falling in love with alpacas, we purchased three, two adult females (one is pregnant) and a 2 month old male. This is our story.
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