Is there an offseason?

Michael here.
I have done a lot of things in my life, and with most of them there is an offseason.  That time when you can take some time to rest and recover from the stresses of the year.  I have come to the conclusion that in raising alpacas there is NO offseason.  This fall we did very well in the show ring, but the show season ended, and it was time to worry about winter.

Yes alpacas like the cold weather, but last winter it was COLD.  I am talking Admiral Byrd cold.  So this year we decided we would be ready.  Stocking hay, straw, installing a pellet stove, worrying about insulation, and trenching and burying the water line 40 inches deep.  Guess what?  This has been one of the milder winters we have had in a while.  Go figure.

Now our thoughts are on spring and cria and shows and cria and pastures and cria. Did I mention we having babies this spring?   4 of them.  All at once.  Last year I was spared the “wonders” of the birthing process.  This year I have been shown books, photos, videos and yes even a power point presentation on a 6 foot by 6 foot screen.   (ok, so I was only able to watch part of the power point thing.)  Saying that birthing is not in my skill set would be a vast understatement.   I know more about what is inside an alpaca than I think I really needs to.  I can now tell you what parts should be inside, what parts should come out and what parts should… Ok, feeling a little light headed here.

I am thinking that the last week of May will be my personal offseason.

About Michael

I have been lead (drug) into the alpaca world by Lynne. That being said, it is taking a huge amount of effort not to be excited about this adventure. For now, I manage the website, make sure all the papers are in order and provide a somewhat out of character voice of reason around here. In the near future I will be in charge of building our physical site where the beasties will live.
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