The Great Race

The great baby race is on! It’s time to place your bets now! (Everyone bets on baby births, right?!) As of right now, 4 out of 5 pregnant alpacas are showing signs of incoming births which has Farm Manager Allie at the highest levels of watchfulness. Mony, Moosie, Hope and Magic are all showing signs of what is endearing referred to as ‘alien butt’, due to the drastic and profound changes that happen to female alpacas backsides with impending births. The girls barn has been turned into a full on maternity ward at this point.

Don’t tell Magic that though, she’s all about spending her summer in the sun.


The only one who hasn’t shown any symptoms of oncoming birth is Delilah. According to Farm Manager Allie, Moosie is showing the best signs of having a cria soon. The baby has moved back and down which is generally a good sign. So the pool is on of who is going to go first. Leave is a message on our Facebook page on who’s going to give us the first cria of 2017. Delilah, Harmony, Hope, Magic or Moosie!

While there’s been all the excitement of the babies coming, there’s also been the stress of weather. Yesterday was forecast to have some seriously nasty weather so there was a flurry of activity to get any and all potential projectiles secured. Including flipping the trampoline upside down and staking it to the ground so it would not end up like those pictures you see on the Weather Channel. You know the ones, the trampoline picked up by high winds and wrapped around a tree or a phone pole. It also meant moving the current construction project, a ‘garage’ for Lynne’s golf cart. That golf cart can get her from the little house to the barn in no time at all!

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