I figured I should at least say Hello!

Good morning from Fallengrund!

My name is Alexis, but please, call me Allie.  I am 33 years old and the mother of 2 very active very country kids. Country life was never something I had seen for my self, say…10 years ago. I spent a lot of time seeing the country, working with musicians, and experiencing all that I could in the city. I loved being surrounded by lights, noise, people and nonstop chaos.

A few years ago my Mom approached me about Alpaca’s. ” Allie you would love them! They are so sweet, and have the sweetest faces, and make the most adorable sounds” All I could think was “Alpaca’s? Like… Llama? Like…Camels?!?!” I truly thought she had lost her mind. I knew nothing of Alpaca, only that they were from South America and are related to Llama.

I wasn’t a farmer! Me who lived in LA, Boston, NY State. Me who loved the ease of getting into my car and going to a store at any time day or night, or knowing I close to a Starbucks.  I had enjoyed spending time at our family farm. It was nice and quiet, but because it was visiting, it wasn’t my bed, my things weren’t here.

During the Spring of 2012 I had grown tired of being in a city. I wanted just a break from all the noise and lights, and just wanted to relax. As soon as school year was over, the kids and I packed up and my Dad’s dog and headed south to the farm.

I have never been one to shy away from hard work, and being down here is a lot of hard work. I love sending the kids outside to play and have them running around in the yard, discovering something new. I love waking to see white tail deer in our yard, wild turkey, pheasant, rabbits and the hawks. As I fell more and more in love with the farm, Mom began the process of convincing me about the Alpaca’s. She wanted all of us to go and visit Carol and her Alpaca’s at Stone Bluff. “Just to see” as she put it.

I won’t lie and say I was very open minded. I had imagined this huge operation with hundreds to thousands of Alpaca running through the fields. Was it something I was prepared for? Once we arrived at Stone Bluff, I fell in love. I tried in vain not to say anything or give myself away that I had, but that one gasp and sigh when I first spotted them said it all.

I think my Mom ( Lynne) knew in that instant that I was snagged by these beautiful creatures.  I have always loved animals and never been afraid to approach them, so being in the paddock with all of these beautiful Alpacas  was wonderful. My son Pete took to sitting down on the ground and quickly making friends with Reina. In doing that he also made friends with her boy Cowboy. I watched my daughter Maddie wander through the herd, her hands out and touching them all. The younger Alpaca and cria were fascinated by her ponytail and began to follow her around, nuzzling her hair and making their sweet little humming sounds.

It wasn’t long till Renia was next to me, smelling and gently nuzzling me to touch her, which I did and she LOVED. I admit, I did also. She is such a beautiful girl, and where Reina trusts, the other do as well. Soon I was standing in the middle of all of these girls as they watched me, smelled me, and scooted in closer.

It was an amazing day honestly. We all knew right then and there that this was an adventure we were wanting to take.

I am excited, as well as my kids, to get the barn and pasture done so that we can have our herd here with us. I also look forward to ALL the people I have spoken to, who are excited about them as well, waiting eagerly to come and meet out herd.

I’m sure I will post more of my follies as I prepare the farm, and will be certain to post pictures!


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