MOPACA…The excitement!

Good Morning again from Fallengrund Farm.

It’s been a little over a week since our adventure to MOPACA and our first show. What an AMAZING experience! I have never been so at ease and felt so welcomed or educated as I did after leaving the show.

I should backtrack a bit. Mom and Dad had left the Thursday before to go to Carol’s so they could load up and leave early Friday morning. Pete ( my son) and I left the farm around noon on Friday since he and his sister had school till 11:30. Maddie went with her other grandma to spend the weekend with her dad, and Pete and I hit the road.

The drive was uneventful, though we went straight to the arena to meet the rest of our herd ( people and alpacas) I would love to say I was nervous, or worried, but honestly I was more excited than anything.

When we pulled into the the parking area for the exhibitors and met my dad he said to me ” You will be floored when you see how big this is.” Holy wow he was right. I have NEVER seen so many Alpacas in one place before. We walked to our stalls, all the while my dad explaining the meet and greet, the classes, the seminars and so on. My mind, admittedly, was on our Alpacas. How were they going to react in such a big place, how would they do with all the people. Where did I put my cell phone? Did I lock the Hummer? I hope I brought the right shoes. ( This is my wonderful ADHD kicking in 😉 )

After getting to the stall, seeing our Mousse and Ace, as well as Carol’s Cowboy and Sundance, we went to check out the rest of the arena. I had to stop several times at stall because I was just amazed at the other Alpacas as well. I had never seen a Suri and was amazed at how small they were, not to mention they look like their fiber would be course due to the way it hangs, but they are amazingly soft! Who knew?!

We all took seats in the bleachers, discussing the drive, the alpacas, the farms, the products, and then we were greeted by the Judges and explained the pattern of each ring, as well as being introduced to the two judges and a judge apprentice.

Mom and Dad asked me several times if i was nervous, truly I wasn’t. We were then told that those of us who had never shown before would be given a class and taught how to walk, handle, stand, all of it.  Years ago I had shown Standard Poodles, and as I found out, this wasn’t to different. Sara Jane Maclennan was an amazing instructor and very clear on the do’s and don’ts of the ring. She ended up asking me to come forward and help with the demonstration  which I did ( as you can see in the picture)



I discovered afterwards, that this stunning male I am holding is our Bridget’s sire, Zamboni. How Cool!!!!!

After meeting several other people, and feeding our Alpaca herd we all piled in vehicles and went to feed the people herd.

Bright and early on Saturday, we headed to the area, taking with me my clothes to change into for the ring. Still, I wasn’t nervous. At this point I was ready to get in the ring and have a go. What else could be done at that point except my job.  During the process of the morning, Carol asked me to show her Cowboy, who was in the ring earlier than the rest. NOW I was excited. I told Carol yes, and we got him out and walked him to get him more at ease with all the people. Now I should say, Cowboy is Carol’s talker. LOL. I love it! He hums all the time, and did as we were on deck for the ring. It was the funniest thing for me, till on of the other handlers heard me chuckle as Cowboy put his head on my chest and hummed and said ” watch this” She hugged her Alpaca who then made the most hysterical thing i have ever heard, a cross between a startled sound and excitement came from the Alpaca she hugged. She said to me ” Every time I have to hold him, he makes this sound”

Dad became my ring side wrangler as it were. Standing with me and Cowboy as we waited. reminding me what I was to do, later his being ringside would be invaluable.

Cowboy and I entered the ring, all be it a bit hesitant, we made it to our position and through the judging, taking a 5th place ribbon out of 6, and humming the entire time. Success! First time in the ring down in the books for me! We exited the ring and went back to our stalls to clean them up, as well as walk Moosie and Ace since they would be the next two to show. Carol, Mom, and Dad were keeping track of who would need to be where at what time. Mom was also keeping track of Pete and I, as well as networking ( she has an amazing way with people and is just one of those people you wanna talk to) and Pete and I…we wandered.

It came to our attention that I would be in the ring with Mousse and Ace would need to be on deck. Mousse class was small, and the class before Ace was slightly bigger. We needed a plan in case Ace needed to enter before I would out with Mousse.  We all re positioned ourselves, preparing for Dad to being on deck with Ace, while I was in the ring with Mousse, Mom, Carol and Pete would be in the stands listening to the judges and watching. If all went smoothly, I would get out of the ring with Mousse in time to hand her off to Carol, and relieve dad on deck.

Mousse and I walked for several minuets, getting her comfortable with the floor, the people, the lights, the other Alpacas. Out of no where, it was time for her and I to be on deck. To our surprise, another female that Mousse made friends with across the pen, was set up to walk the ring after us. The two Alpacas seemed to gravitate to each other, necking and nuzzling each other as they did. I was asked by the other females handler, if I could hold her while she found her handler. Of course I could!

I stood there with these two girls watching them as well as watching the male class before Ace’s mill around on deck. After a few minutes,the handler came and took his girl, and we lined up. I was 2nd into the ring, and though Mousse had been walked for a bit to relax her, she was still a bit hesitant, but she moved beautifully. While in the ring she stood amazing, she was at ease ( so was I) and she was perfectly fine with the judge…..judging.

As the judge moved down to the 3rd, and then 4th  Alpacas, I took a glance to the male ring. Ace was now on deck, though not all of his class was there. NOW I was nervous a bit. Turning my attention quickly back to the judge as she placed us all, I smiled taking 3rd position and listened to the judge as she explained her placement.

Once we were done with congratulating one another, We exited the ring, where I met Carol and handed Mousse off to her and sprinted ( yes I sprinted in cowboy boots) around the male ring to the line up, slipped my number for Mousse off, slid Ace’s on and hopped the fence to take Ace in the ring. Again we were in second position to walk the ring. I was standing there waiting patiently, while Ace necked me, kissed me and in general was so sweet, which brought the attention of the woman standing in the first position place. We began talking and I realized there were 8 in this class and that THIS would be a bit more nerve wracking since they only give out 6 ribbons. It turned out, the woman I was speaking with was Cindy, from Stargazer Ranch. I knew *OF* her because mom had been watching their barn cam for over a year, and would tell me with great excitement about the Cria born. I told her what farm I was with, and she Immediately knew my mom. We were both excited and she called her husband over and we all began chatting.

Soon we were in the ring again, Ace was AMAZING. He moved perfectly, stood wonderfully and behaved beautifully. The judging was tough, the judge and apprentice coming back to Ace twice, standing back and looking between ALL of the Alpacas. Ace and I stood in the Judge’s line of sight, giving him full view of Ace as he continues down the line.

This seemed to last forever, and it was then that I got a little nervous. I looked to the stand and saw Mom, Dad, Carol, John ( Carol’s husband) and Pete all sitting in the stand watching. Mom and Carol looked nervous. I got a hand signal from dad and re positioned Ace, trying to get his legs right. What seemed like a life time later, we were put in final positions. Ace was put in 3rd! 3rd out of 8!??!?! YES! I looked to the stands to see everyone relieved and so very happy. We all listened to the judge as he explained his placing and then congratulating one another we excited the ring and I was in BLISS! Ace was in Bliss!

What an amazing experience! I should also add that while we were showing that day, all of our phone were going on about a snow storm heading towards Kansas City, and was projected to put 8 inches of snow on the ground in KC,….12 on the ground at Carol’s……and 16-18 on the ground at my house. So when we were done in the ring with Ace, we began to pack up.

Aside from the “Epic Snow Storm” as Pete put it, which had us stuck in Missouri for 2 days.( We ended up having 20 inches at my house when we arrived) It was awesome and wonderful. I have never been so at ease and relaxed in a show ring, nor have I EVER been surrounded by so many people showing, who were so helpful and kind. This was a far cry from showing dogs, and it really is a community.

I am looking forward to our next show. More so, I am looking forward to getting everything done at Fallengrund so that we can have our amazing ( Ribboned 😉 ) Alpacas home with us. Keep checking back for more posts on the progress!

Ace 3rd place MOPACA

(Ace 3rd place MOPACA)

Moosie 3rd place MOPACA

(Mousse 3rd place MOPACA)

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First Impressions of MOPACA in Kansas City 2013~Part I

What a weekend! I think it may take another week to recover completely, or maybe two!

Michael and I began our weekend by arriving at Stone Bluff Farm Alpacas in Foristell, Missouri on Thursday, pulling our horse trailer full of new spiffy equipment for showing alpacas. We dropped our trailer off, blocked the wheels and checked in to our hotel. We had dinner with the Hudgens/MacFayden’s that evening and turned in at the hotel early since we had an early wake up to load the trailers and get started on our trek to Kansas City.

During our morning coffee at our hotel room in Foristell, Missouri, we heard the first of the weather reports, a major snowstorm approaching Kansas City with significant snowfall totals. Hey, we are born and raised Midwesterners, snow, heat, tornado’s, rain, are in our blood and we are not faint of heart. We were going to be trailering alpacas who were native to the Andes mountains…snowy and cold, this would be no harder than going to the grocery store for us.

We arrived at the farm at 8 am. and loaded our suitcases into the tack room, and decided that Michael and I would be hauling the three boys; Stone Bluff’s Ace of Hearts (ours), Stone Bluff’s Midnight Cowboy and Stone Bluff’s Sundance Kid in our trailer. Carol and John would haul Stone Bluff’s Chocolate Mousse (ours) in their trailer. Once everyone was secured in the trailers we headed for Kansas City and the American Royal for the MOPACA show.

Carol had gone over how the Vet check, unloading and setting up would proceed and so nothing unexpected occurred. We met the exuberant Dr. Dusty Nagy, who had actually done the health certificates on all our animals, got our stalls prepared, and got our animals put into their stalls.

Luckily for us was an “blank” spot between our stalls with a huge pillar and the electricity. We immediately used that spot for our own personal relaxing area! We fit in 4 adult lawn chairs, a cooler, and a child’s folding chair. Which ended up being a place of comfort for me.

Once alpacas were unloaded, comfort area set up, Carol’s farm store set up and a Lynne’s deep cleansing breath, we attached the leads and took our animals to be color checked. Chocolate Mousse (Moosie) and Ace of Hearts (Ace) were both changed color-wise. Moosie went into the Dark Fawn category and Ace was moved into Light Fawn. There was quite a controversy concerning Moosie as she had 3 darker spots (we knew of one) in her blanket.

Moosie’s controversy drew attention from the AOBA judge, Sara Jane Maclennan, who is a personal friend of our mentors Carol and John, who gave us her opinion. Eventually, the Superintendent was called in and we decided to put her in the Dark Fawn category, by her recommendation.

Ace was also under a bit of scrutiny with his color. The checkers moved him from a Light Fawn into the Dark Fawn category because his color was so funky. I was fine with the changes, but really, what do I know??

We then left and checked into the hotel and checked our daughter and Grandson, Alexis and Pete into their room, as they were traveling from our farm in Butler, Illinois to Kansas City. We unloaded our suitcases, laid down for a bit to rest and then changed from our barn clothes into something a bit more decent for the Meet and Greet, or “Booze and Appetizer”.

Alexis and Pete arrived to join us at the venue in time for the Meet and Greet and we decided to go to Carol and John’s favorite restaurant in KC, The Golden Ox. (which I initially thought was a Chinese restaurant). After dinner; stuffed, bone tired, and having an early wake up for the next morning, we limped back to the hotel to totally crash for the night.


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And Spring approaches…

I realized that our new endeavor has been ramping up as winter draws to close, our realization of not only owning alpacas but operating an alpaca farm is becoming more and more of a reality…and panic sets in!

I know, keep calm and take a deep breath (man I hate it when my own words come back to haunt me). Everyone is aware of their particular job in this family operation and we are all making our lists of projects to complete and things we need to complete them.

We spent last weekend in Missouri with our mentor, Carol Hudgens and John MacFayden at Stone Bluff Farm Alpacas, learning the ins and outs of alpaca ranching with hands on experience and eating some of the best food in the world prepared by Carol!! We needed the time there in order to be prepared, or semi-prepared for Fallengründ Alpacas to go to our first show, MOPACA on March 22-24 in Kansas City, Missouri.

It rained nearly all morning on Saturday so we worked inside, taking notes, listening intently, working on switching my files over from my HP to my MacBook, and making more lists.

The rain finally let up and although overcast we made our way out to the paddocks around noon to begin working with our little guy, Stone Bluff’s Ace of Hearts and our girl, Stone Bluff’s Chocolate Mousse.

Mousse resigned to standing next to Allie.

Mousse resigned to standing next to Allie.

Ace in his halter and lead with Michael

Ace in his halter and lead with Michael

This was all new to not only Ace and Mousse, but to Michael, Allie and I. Ace was a little bit afraid of it all and I would take a couple steps forward, he would follow and suddenly dip his head and bury it in my armpit! He just wasn’t sure about this whole walking thing!

Chocolate Mousse (Moosie) approached this like a woman with PMS! She backed up, bucked, pulled, planted her feet and refused to move. Allie massaged her neck, and head, spoke quietly and persisted on tugging gently on her lead in order to get her to take a few steps. It was slow going, but after about 30 minutes of walking around in an enclosed paddock, Carol suggested that Michael and Allie walk them out on the gravel drive.

Moosie considering a "break and run"

Moosie considering a “break and run”

Michael and Ace walking confidently, finally.

Michael and Ace walking confidently, finally.

We were very pleased with the progress that both alpacas made on Saturday. Unfortunately Sunday’s weather and time change threw a wrench into our plans. We had to leave Stone Bluff Farm Alpacas and head back to Illinois. We have Carol’s helper, Miranda, working with both alpacas for the next couple weeks before the Kansas City show. I am confident they will be fine for the first time in the ring!

So here is the end of this episode, stay tuned as we are attending the Railsplitter Alpaca Show here in Springfield this weekend.




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Spring is coming!!!!

Good Morning from Fallengrund!

It’s been awhile since I had posted and thought it might be a good idea to get something up to tell everyone how things are going down here on the farm.

We finally have warmer weather, which is fantastic since I need ( and I really do mean NEED) to get to work clearing the pasture. I am hoping to have the barn builder coming out this week, as well as a fencing company as well.

I am so excited to be taking these steps, knowing each one brings us one step closer to having our herd with us! We spent this last weekend with our mentor, Carol, and learned a great deal about feeding, halter training, and showing. My son (Age 8 ) was so excited about being around the Alpacas, and learning, he was willing to do anything asked, just to be a part of it all. My Daughter ( age 6) is beside herself waiting for our herd to get here. I get a daily question of ” So are you going to get the alpacas this weekend?”

This week I am also working on cleaning up our 2 horse trailer for transporting to the upcoming show as well as making modifications to it for the Alpacas. I have gotten several questions from our local farm supply stores as to what I am doing. Yesterday I ended up showing one of the store employees pictures from our recent visit. 😀

Wish us luck in the upcoming weeks. I will be sure to post more often as well as add pictures of the progress as it comes!


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And we are off!!!

We have added Stone Bluff’s Chocolate Mousse and Stone Bluff’s Ace of Hearts to our herd, officially.

I have a new laptop and have not figured out how to work all the bells and whistles yet. Please be patient and I promise I will add pictures of the two newest members of the herd.

This coming weekend we are trekking to Stone Bluff Farm in Missouri to work on our “showing” skills. Our Grandson, Pete is hoping to show our boy, Stone Bluff’s Ace of Hearts at MOPaca in Kansas City the weekend of the March 22nd.  Crossing our fingers for a good showing for both of their sakes! Alexis, Michael and I are all going to be paying close attention to our instructions, never knowing who will actually go into the ring with them.

Our daughter, Alexis, has been officially hired as our Fallengrund Farm Manager and is anxious for Spring to appear so she can start clearing more area so our new barn can go up!

Stay tuned for more of my ramblings, and definitely more pictures.

Trekking away,


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Update on our herd

Well, I have been concerned about our baby Bridget. When we began our endeavor Carol, our mentor, and many written articles said that you cannot just have ONE alpaca. That they are not solitary animals, that you need to have at least two.

When planning breeding’s I wanted to make sure that there were at least two girls pregnant at the same time, so their cria would be “friends” and have someone to play with. That is why Reina and Athena were bred at the same time, the cria will be able to play.

At Stone Bluff Farm Alpacas, Bridget has Bubbles to play with. Isadora Jaxson is Bubble’s mother. When we move, Izzy and Bubbles will be left behind and Bridget will lose a “buddy”. How very sad. SO, I made a proposal to Carol. “What would you think of letting Izzy and Bubbles come to the farm to hang out when we bring the herd?”

Carol said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy I would bust my buttons, if I were wearing some!! I am so so happy that Bridget and her buddy, Bubbles will be able to hang out on the farm, race around the paddocks and play all day!!!!

So now everyone has somebody to hang with, Ace & Zorro, Reina & Athena & Moosie & Izzy, and Bubbles & Bridget! The cria due in October will be playmates, so I have everyone and everything covered. Whew!!

Now to get the Great Pyrenees breeder paid and we will have everything ready to begin our barn build, get all the supplies for the camelids, and bring our herd to the farm!!!!

Keep checking back to see my random posts,

Here’s humming at you!!!!!


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Introducing Stone Bluff’s Chocolate Mousse and Stone Bluff’s Ace of Hearts

Fallengründ Alpacas is very proud to introduce our two newest members to our herd

                   Stone Bluff’s Chocolate Mousse    &   Stone Bluff’s Ace of Hearts   

Chocolate Mousse is on the right and Ace of Hearts is on the left. Zorro is sitting in Allie’s lap.


This is from our last visit to Stone Bluff Farm Alpacas in Foristell, Missouri.





    We are thrilled to also announce that our girls, Reina and Athena are pregnant and both due in October 2013.

Reina was bred to Midnight Music, a previous breeding produced Midnight Cowboy, you can see his brilliant rusty red head in the bottom left of the above picture. We are hoping for another cria from this breeding to be the same color!

Athena was bred to Stewart St. John and we are hoping for a white cria from this union. She has given us Bridget who is white from a breeding with Zamboni of Artic Ice, with her first pregnancy.                 

The cold snap that we have been having here in the Midwest has made it difficult to get the pasture area prepped but we did have a couple of really warm days and our daughter/farm manager/cupcake baker extraordinaire did get out to cut down prairie grass.

These are pictures of the field Allie is clearing.





Michael is in charge of the barn and the barn building, the placement will be behind the existing garage. and the pastures and access will be out in the cleared area.

Our mentor, Carol Hudgen’s, owner of Stone Bluff’s Farm Alpaca’s, has scheduled shearing in May, so we aren’t going to be bringing our herd here until after they have been sheared.

We are going to MoPaca in March to show Stone Bluff’s Ace of Hearts and Stone Bluff’s Mask of Zorro.

Our little Miss, Fallengründ’s Bridget of Zamboni is too young to show yet, but we will be showing her, as her sire, Zamboni of Artic Ice, has an impressive record as a 3 X Champion.  She is already sporting a full crimpy coat of fiber.

My family has embraced our new endeavor with open arms. Alexis (Allie) has moved to the farm with her two little ones, Pete and Maddie to oversee the whole operation and day to day tasks. The kids have acclimated to farm life and riding a big yellow school bus to school every day, making friends and both are doing well in school.

Elizabeth (Liz) taught herself how to felt, and has been doing darling little figures to begin with, but surprised me with teaching herself how to crochet! Her first big project is crocheting a blanket for her youngest daughter, Frankie.

Jacob was in an accident a few years ago, breaking his collarbone. We found out at that time that he also had several disc’s in his back that had collapsed rendering his previous job experience useless, so, after some searching for job possibilities he decided to try weaving. Buying a table loom, Jake has taught himself how to weave. He is still in the beginning practice stages but has produced some amazing trial pieces!

Michael bought me a spinning wheel for Christmas! I am thrilled! I haven’t had a chance to sit down and really work on it yet, but my first try did produce some yarn! It needs to be fine tuned and I do need to practice as I have this fat/thin yarn going right now. You have to begin somewhere!

I am finding that Facebook is a great place to meet other alpaca owners and for the most part find that the majority of them are helpful and great people to know. Some, are not the type of people I want to really get to know. After being in the competitive world of showing Standard Poodles and breeding, I do understand that there are aloof people who really aren’t worth getting to know. Live and learn. Pick and choose.

I am missing our herd immensely and am planning another trip over to Missouri to see them. I feel badly (kind of) begging Carol to take pictures of them whenever I can. But pictures don’t take the place of being out with these creatures. Trying to explain what they do to your soul is like trying to explain your first kiss, or what being in a tranquil place does to your mind, body and soul.

In the above picture of Allie with the herd, she sank down to sit with Zorro on the ground. He cuddled up to her and our other “babies” saw an opportunity to get close to her. The wrapped their necks around her and rubbed, a sign of affection between alpacas. They all moved in slowly and carefully to be touched and rubbed. And they hummed.

So this is the end of this blog entry. I have rambled again, but what’s new? We are getting excited. I am leaving you with a picture of Moosie (Chocolate Mousse) who is our messy girl. She always has food/hay in her fiber and looks disheveled.

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Congratulations Stone Bluff Farm Alpacas

Word has come that congratulations are in order to Carol and John of Stone Bluff Farm Alpacas as Isadora Jaxon had her cria this morning, early! The cria is a girl and I will update this blog entry as I gain more information!!

Congratulations Carol, John and Izzy!!

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Fall Alpaca Love

Friday November 9, 2012 two of my daughters, Alexis and Elizabeth, made a road trip with me to see our herd at Stone Bluff Farm Alpaca’s in Foristell, Missouri.

It was a lovely day for a road trip and I decided not to drive down I55 but to meander through Illinois, cross the Mississippi at the Louisiana, Missouri bridge and go over to Bowling Green and south to Foristell. The girls and I haven’t had any time alone like this in years!! Elizabeth has 4 children, and Alexis has 2 so this was a well needed day trip.

Allie hadn’t met our newest member of the herd, Fallengründ’s Bridget of Zamboni (aka Bridget) and Liz hadn’t had the experience of communing with any alpacas before. I was so anxious to introduce the whole herd to Liz!

Carol Hudgens and her husband John MacFayden are the owners of Stone Bluff Farm Alpacas and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect mentor for us. Carol’s quiet nature and interaction with her alpacas, horses, dogs and donkey (lol yes even a donkey) are evident in their laid back demeanor.

Not all alpacas or farm animals are as calm and laid back as Carol and John’s are, or as happy. So you wonder how I know the alpacas are happy?                                                                  They hum.                                                                                                                                       Yes, hum.                                                                                                                                                One of the most contented, calming, happy sounds that you can hear on a farm.

When alpacas show affection to each other, like mothers with their children, or siblings, they wrap their necks around each other and while entwined they gently caress and snuggle into each other. I have never seen other animals do this affectionate act in front of humans.

The amazing part of this is that they will also caress and snuggle humans if they like or love you…

Ace is beginning to wrap he neck around Allie for his hug. She is holding Zorro in her lap while Chocolate Mousse is looking on from behind.

We arrived at Stone Bluff Farm and Allie immediately went in to scoop up Bridget in her arms. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on our new cria.

Allie’s Bridget scoop!

All we wanted to do was to see our baby and none of us stopped to greet Reina, “The Queen” and when we were done ogling at Bridget and Athena, we turned to the rest of the herd and found that Reina wanted nothing to do with us.

Reina ignoring me


Here is Reina with Ace of Hearts. Ignoring me.


Reina totally ignoring me by turning her head




She wouldn’t even look at me!! And then turned her head away from me!! She was in a snit! She remained in said “snit” for about 30 minutes.

Allie decided to try and get a hold of Zorro since she had been successful with the Bridget scoop…and she headed over to where he was. We had an entourage with us when Zorro noticed we were headed toward him. Carol saw that he was going to slip away and said, “Oh get him!” Chocolate Mousse happened to be standing right there, did a double take toward Carol when she said, “Get him!!” a second time. Moosie turned took two steps and tackled him, landing on his back end and pinning him to the ground!! We all began laughing, Moosie looked up at us and smiled (yes they smile) and Allie snaked her arm around Zorro’s neck and sat down on the ground with him. LOL! Yes it was unbelievable and yes we all laughed, which pleased Moosie to no end.

Allie had her fan club all around her and was adored.

Allie holding Zorro and Ace of Hearts sneaking a kiss


Ace of Hearts decided to take advantage of Allie sitting on the ground and crept up behind her to steal a kiss!




Reina, Midnight Cowboy (behind Ace), Ace of Hearts and Chocolate Mousse with Zorro in Allie’s lap.

They were all attentive and all wanted in on the action!!


The main reason we had gone to visit the herd and Carol was that our girl Athena was ready to be bred. We decided we wanted her bred with Stewart St John, a magnificent white stud and Carol’s herdsire.

Stewart St. John





Stewart St. John

Stewart St. John and Athena

So we had a full day at the farm. Stewart St John and Athena were bred and now we await word on the “spit off” and we ended to day by my saying good bye to my “boyfriend” Midnight Music.



Midnight Music kisses goodbye 

So we ended our visit with Midnight Music giving me a goodbye kiss. Hoping that next week that he and Reina will have a successful breeding.

So until next time, “Step carefully through the beans.”


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Welcome Stone Bluff’s Mask of Zorro

Our newest herd member

Stone Bluff’s Mask of Zorro

We want to officially welcome the newest member to our herd, Stone Bluff’s Mask of Zorro aka Zorro, purchased from Carol Hudgens and John MacFayden or Stone Bluff Alpacas in Foristell, Missouri.

Zorro’s fleece is dense and crimpy and in a few years we are looking forward to making him a herd-sire for our growing herd. He is one of the most sweetest little guys ever, a bit shy, but he and Michael have already bonded.

Our farm progression has hit “slow” at this time as we are preparing for winter and Michael’s hip replacement surgery. Knowing about this upcoming surgery had us hopping earlier in the fall as we wanted to get as much done for the farm before Michael’s recovery began.

Allie worked hard at clearing the pasture area and now that our wet fall weather has set in, is done until Spring. She is focusing on her fledgling cupcake business. Which we are supporting every way we can!

We are planning a trip to see our herd this coming Friday, November 9, 2012 so I will have more pictures!

Our local newspaper, The State Journal Register (Springfield, Illinois) had a great 2 page spread on a local alpaca farm, Alpacas of Indian Point Hills in Petersburg, Illinois, this past Sunday. Bart and Rhonda Leinberger are the owners. Check out their website! Rhonda spins and has many items for sale.

Thank you all for following us! More to come!


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